Initial Account Creation Fee: 20$

Monthly Fee (adjusted quarterly based on the number of active patients):

Number of patients0 - 30
31 - 50
50 - 81
81 - 100
Monthly cost50$ / month90$ / month125$ / month145$ / month

If you have more than 100 patients, please communicate with us directly for pricing information.


Fee structure and billing Details

Please take note of the details of our fee structure and billing.

        • Payment: all payments are made by pre-authorized debit on your designated bank account (such account details provide by you upon subscription).
        • Upon registration: an initial amount of $20 will be charged to your designated bank account for creation of your Posologic account.
        • The first day of the month following registration:  The monthly fee will be debited by pre-authorized payment.  The amount debited will be based on the number of active patients in your Posologic account at that time (the “temporary count date”). Your monthly bill will remain fixed at this amount until the next calendar quarter when regular monthly payments will begin.
        • Regular monthly payments: are based on the number of active Posologic patients calculated at the beginning of each quarter on the “Count Date” of January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. For billing purposes a patient is considered active when he has an INR the month preceding the count date. Your monthly payment will remain fixed for each month of the quarter based on the number of active patients recorded on the quarterly count date.
        • Invoicing: a monthly invoice is sent by email detailling the number of patients and the corresponding monthly fee. The pre-authorized payment is initiated automatically upon creation of the invoice and the invoice in maked " Paid" - it is your receipt for payment.
        • Number of Concurrent Users:  pricing is based on a maximum of 2 concurrent users per clinic.


DateActive PatientsItemFee Charged
Oct. 20th0Account Creation20$
Nov. 1st5First Monthly Amount50$
Dec. 1st7Monthly Amount50$
Jan. 1st9Revised Monthly Amount
(# of patients between 0-30 on Jan. 1st Count Date)
Feb. 1st38Monthly Amount50$
Mar. 1st44Monthly Amount50$
Apr. 1st48Revised Monthly Amount
(# of patients between 31-50 on Apr. 1st Count Date)


Posologic License Agreement

Access to, and use of, the Posologic software is subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the Posologic License Agreement. Subscription to Posologic confirms your acceptance of those terms and conditions.

To download the agreement please click here

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